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Just imagine your customers being able to place their order with your hospitality business via the web, without even needing to be on your premises. Now imagine a solution that doesn’t just make sense for your customers, but also makes sense for your business.

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The next step in online ordering solutions

Online ordering systems are by no means new for the restaurants, pubs, cafes and other hospitality businesses making increasing use of them. However, it has often been difficult to find such a solution that is simple to use, easy to set up and maintain, and doesn’t cost the Earth.

After all, why accept an ordering app that costs you as much as 30% of your online turnover, when you could instead have a solution based on a flat monthly fee, with zero commission?

This is exactly what our Online Ordering system offers at HBM. It’s convenient for the customer, allowing them to place orders with a mere finger swipe, even from home. But unlike many of the alternatives, we’ll give your business a unique platform that isn’t shared with every other shop, restaurant, pub or takeaway in the local area.

What’s more, our Online Ordering solutions can be fully integrated with your till system. That’ll save your staff from having to keep on entering items twice, and will save you from having to invest in additional hardware to manage your firm’s orders.

Turn to HBM’s Online Ordering system for these core features:

  • A fully integrated system
  • Zero commission
  • A flat monthly fee
  • A single dashboard from which to manage your tills, kitchen and online orders
  • One solution provider – no need to buy extra hardware

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Get ready for the new era of contactless ordering

While our Online Ordering system can be invaluable simply for the alternative sales channel it gives your business, its appeal and relevance extend well beyond this.

After all, as hospitality firms across the UK plot their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that they follow responsible ‘COVID-19 ready’ practices that maintain social distance and minimise interaction.

HBM is an authorised partner to ICRTouch, the UK’s premier Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) software provider. We can therefore provide you with the wireless, contactless ordering and payment solutions that will greatly help you to protect yourself, your staff and your customers, while saving time and boosting revenue.

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No hefty commission – in fact, no commission at all – and only a flat, low-cost monthly fee. In return, you’ll receive a fully integrated system that advances your hospitality outlet’s handling of orders firmly into the bold new era of contactless ordering.

Plus, with the same application being used for our Pay At Table solution, your staff will be empowered to give your on-premise and off-premise customers the same impeccable service.

Simply call 01442 600 700 today, or send us an email, to learn more about the transformative impact Online Ordering with HBM could have on your business. When you do, we’ll provide a free personalised demo, so that you can start familiarising yourself with our indispensable online ordering technology.