EPoS Solutions for Restaurants

From table management and set menus, to lead thru prompting, up-selling and everything in-between, we have everything a busy restaurant needs.

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Restaurant PoS

The complete EPoS solution for your busy, growing restaurant - configured, installed and maintained by our professional team.

Running a good restaurant is all about teamwork, but to make your team works effectively they first need to have the right tools for the job. We tailor industry leading EPoS solutions directly to your restaurant, keeping those checks flying and tables turning.

Every restaurant is different. Each one has its own intricate way of doing things, from stock management and pricing through to security and general layout. We'll think carefully about how your restaurant is managed before choosing the right EPoS solution for you, then we'll customise it so that it integrates seamlessly with your business.


We only choose the very best software available, then we customise it to make it an asset to your busy restaurant business.

  • TouchPoint EPoS software
  • TouchOfficeWeb EPoS software
  • TouchOfficeWeb EPoS software
  • PocketTouch EPoS software
  • TouchLoyalty EPoS software
  • TouchKitchen EPoS software
  • TouchReservation EPoS software
  • TouchMenu EPoS software

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All the features you need

Staff Security

Reduce shrinkage from staff theft with simple pin number, magnetic cards, iButtons, finger prints & RFID cards.

Staff Prompting

Prompt staff for cooking choices and food options as-well as encourage up selling with useful prompts.

Table Management

A graphical table plan across separate floors and areas displaying a table's status. Also includes a reservation diary and an online reservations system.

Stock control

Real time stock information allows staff to see what items are running low and what needs to be re-ordered.

Multi order printing

Easily allow waiting staff to send orders to different areas like kitchen, bar dispense, etc.

Automatic Service Charge

Always make sure service charge is added to each and every bill and avoid human error.

Customer Loyalty

Track customer purchases, send promotions and keep them coming back for more with in built loyalty schemes.

Table side ordering

By linking with PocketTouch, you can allow waiting staff to take orders directly at the table.

From the day we contacted HBM EPOS I’ve always felt that they’ve provided honest advice. The system we have has been extremely reliable and on the odd occasion we’ve needed them they have never let us down...
Pat Foster - Satay Bar & Restaurant


Our EPoS software solutions can integrate with the tools and software you already use.

Online ordering & loyalty
Online ordering & loyalty
Integrated Card Payments
Integrated Card Payments
Staff Scheduling

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