EPoS solutions for Cafes & Coffee Shops

A complete, feature rich EPoS solution to help your business keep up with the pace of the morning rush.

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Cafe or Coffee Shop PoS

With integrated card payments, barista & prep printers and real time stock information, we have the ideal EPoS solution for your business.

Running a cafe or coffee shop is tough. Staff are often so busy making that perfect morning brew that it can be difficult to keep queues down and keep the coffee flowing. With a carefully configured EPoS system, your team will be able to spend more time facing customers and making delicious coffee, and less time running the numbers at the till. All of this will make for faster service, shorter queues and much happier customers.

We take a 'best of breed' approach to EPoS solutions, utilising the very best hardware and software in the industry to tailor a solution that's right for your cafe or coffee shop.


We pick and choose the very best software for our customers, then spend time configuring it to work seamlessly with your business.

  • TouchPoint EPoS software
  • TouchOfficeWeb EPoS software
  • TouchLoyalty EPoS software
  • TouchLoyalty EPoS software
  • TouchLoyalty EPoS software
  • TouchLoyalty EPoS software

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All the features you need

Clerk Interrupt

Reduce queue times by allowing multiple staff members to simultaneously use the same till.

Customer Accounts

Pre-paid accounts with cashless card system. Can also be used to control door entry.

Stock control

Real time stock information allows staff to see what items are running low and what needs to be re-ordered.

Integrated card payments

Cut queues with integrated card payments and allow customers to use contactless or Apple Pay.

Barista/Prep Printers

Get orders where they need to go in a flash with dedicated Station printers. Never lose an order again.

Offers & Promos

Publicise upcoming events, configure multiple price levels, multi buy offers and incentive staff reporting.


Our EPoS software solutions can integrate with the tools and software you already use.

Online ordering & loyalty
Online ordering & loyalty
Integrated Card Payments
Integrated Card Payments
Staff Scheduling

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