It has been a long time since hospitality and retail businesses like high-street stores, takeaways, restaurants, bars and pubs all accepted and processed payments via rudimentary cash registers. 

Today, the most productive, efficient and successful firms in these sectors routinely make use of sophisticated, fully-featured EPoS platforms that could be regarded as ‘operating systems’ for the business in question. 

But when you are seeking out an EPoS system for your firm and comparing your options, you may appreciate this quick checklist of the priorities you should have. 

  • What functions are incorporated into the EPoS system? 
  • How easy is the EPoS software to set up and use? 
  • What is the initial and ongoing cost of the solution, including both hardware and software? How does this correspond with your business’s budget? 
  • How much training will your personnel require to use it? 
  • Is everything that your business will require contained within the software, or will anything ‘extra’ or ‘third party’ be needed?   
  • Can the solution be customised to suit the requirements of your business? 
  • How does the EPoS system enable orders to be placed and processed? 
  • What means of payment does the EPoS system accept? 
  • How secure is the EPoS solution against potential data breaches? 
  • Will the solution allow your staff to work more quickly and efficiently? 
  • Is a personalised demo offered of the EPoS system? Is this free? 
  • How stable and reliable is the EPoS platform? 
  • Does the system serve the specific needs of your type and size of business? 
  • What experience and track record do the providers of this EPoS system have? 
  • What customer support will be available if you purchase this solution? What are the support hours and response times? Is remote and out-of-hours support available? 
  • What does your current EPoS arrangement lack? Does the proposed new system that you’re considering offer features and functionality that your present one does not? 
  • What do your business’s customers like and dislike about your current EPoS solution? Will the new system you are considering be convenient for them and answer their pain points? 
  • What reviews has the EPoS system received from other firms that have used it? 
  • Will the EPoS system suit your business’s needs not just now, but also in the months and years ahead, in accordance with how those needs are likely to evolve? 
  • How does the EPoS product compare with relevant alternatives? 

Experience our complete ready-for-the-2020s EPoS solution

It is important to recognise that the leading EPoS systems today offer advantages to businesses that extend well beyond the taking of orders and processing of transactions. 

With our more than three decades’ experience here at HBM, we’re proud to possess the in-depth and wide-ranging EPoS experience and knowhow that could be instrumental in your retail or hospitality business’s optimisation of its operations. 

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