As technology advances and workplaces become more and more connected, the ways in which businesses handle their PoS (point of sale) systems is evolving. We're living in an increasingly cashless society, with card payments overtaking cash payments for the first time in 2017. From bars and restaurants to high street stores and takeaways, consumers want choice when it comes to parting with their hard earned money, and old PoS systems simply won't cut it. 

Why getting the right EPoS system is essential

In 2018, you need to make sure your business is equipped with an EPoS system that cannot just handle card payments, but also contactless NFC features for things like Apple Pay, Android Pay and contactless card transactions. This goes doubly so for businesses who sell at low cost and high volume, like cafes and bars. More EPoS capability typically means faster transactions and more sales, rapidly increasing the productivity of your staff. 

We know that having an up-to-date EPoS system is important if you intend to grow your physical business, but for start-ups or existing businesses looking to modernise, it can be difficult to know where to get started. The technology available today has made do-it-yourself EPoS systems perfectly viable, and many businesses have seen success using this method through trial and error. But how many startups have the resources to get such a complex system running, and how many have the bounceback-ability to recover when something inevitably goes wrong? That's where getting a professionally installed EPoS system really starts to make sense. 

Why you should get your EPoS system professionally installed

A professionally installed EPoS system can be tailored to your individual business needs, whether you're running a charity shop on the high street or you're a landlord at the local pub. An initial setup would usually include all the products, pricing, promos and staff profiles you'll need, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. They're often cloud-based with extensive back-up capabilities so you're always covered if something goes wrong or you need to access historical data, you usually have the option to rent, lease or buy the system depending on your needs. What's more, you're completely covered if anything goes wrong - particularly if you go with a local EPoS supplier who offering ongoing service and support like HBM. If there's a power outage or your system stops working for any reason, support will be no more than a quick phone call away. Remember, an EPoS system should be an asset to your business rather than a burden; less downtime means more productivity and profitability for your business. 

Getting a system professionally installed will also make it easier for you and your staff on shift. For example, at HBM we learn all we can about our customers before we design and implement the right point of sale solution for them, so you can be rest assured that your team will have everything you need to record sales and issue bills right from the get-go. We'll even show you how to update and programme the system yourself so you can easily add and remove products as well as change prices on the fly. 

When it comes to choosing the right EPoS system the choice is ultimately yours, but in order to stay ahead of the curve and keep your business running smoothly without interruption, a managed professional installation is definitely the way to go. 

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