Regardless of which industry you work in, the point-of-sale system you choose can have a profound impact on the day to day running of your business. From high street retailers to bustling bars and restaurants, so much hinges on your ability to service customers quickly and effectively, but not a lot of business owners realise the true potential of a customised EPoS solution. It's true that a professionally installed EPoS system will make it easier for your staff to apply offers, select items and provide a better service for customers, yet there's so much more that can be achieved. 

EPoS that goes beyond customer service

EPoS may allow you to serve your customers quicker and give your staff an advantage, but there are also some very real business advantages to having a tailored PoS system installed in your cafe, restaurant, bar or shop. One such advantage is that of stock control or inventory management. From item tags and product categories to processing orders and keeping the shelves and cupboards stocked, stock management is by far one of the most valuable skills a business manager cahave. In fact, if you run a business that deals with perishable goods like a supermarket, cafe or restaurant, success is determined by yours and your staff's ability to manage stock effectively. That's where a tailored EPoS system comes in. 

Inventory management with a tailored EPoS system

Managing your inventory with an EPoS system has several advantages. First and foremost, it allows you to be strategic in how you manage your wares. You need to track what sells well and doesn't sell well. Whether they're items on a store shelf or items that can be ordered from a menu, you need to figure out what's in demand and what's not so you can increase customer spend in your establishment.

The next big advantage of a tailored EPoS system is that it can be cloud based, backed up and truly mobile. That means that if anything happens to your physical premises, all of your stock and data will be backed up and easily accessible so you can still make big business decisions. It also means that if you want to travel to a show or exhibition, or you just want to do your paperwork remotely, you can take your stock data with you and access it from just about any device.

If you run a large store you can also use your EPoS system to help you locate items for customers, even extending your search to other branches that may have something you don't. 

It all comes down to making the day to day running of your business easier, as well as improving the customer service aspcet. A modern EPoS system shouldn't just enhance the point of sale, it should add value across your entire business - and stock management is one area in particular where a customised EPoS solution can make the world of difference.

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