In 2020, your business is really only as fast and reliable as the software that powers it.

This doesn’t just apply to pure-play businesses, though. 

Bricks-and-mortar establishments need great software, too — especially in the hospitality sector. When your financial turnover depends on customer turnover, you need to be sure you can manage stock, orders and payments as seamlessly as possible.

It’s here that your EPOS system really starts to matter.

How to choose an EPOS system

Your EPOS system will fuel your operations for years to come — so it’s important to get the selection right.

These four questions will help any retail or hospitality business find the best EPOS system for them.

Which features do you actually need and why?

Once you start browsing around, you’ll quickly see that EPOS systems differentiate themselves by feature set — and not every feature will be crucial for your industry. 

For example, a fashion retailer won’t need pay-at-table capabilities. And at a bar or pub, customers probably won’t be paying with vouchers.

Here’s a quick glimpse at just some features you might want to consider (or discount):

  • Stock control
  • Voucher and gift card support
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Online presence integration

Top tip: a feature only serves a purpose if it helps your team work more efficiently, or improve customer service.

How will your staff be interacting with customers?

Ease of use should be front of mind when selecting the best EPOS system for you. After all, you don’t want too steep a learning curve for staff, nor do you want an EPOS system that takes time away from serving customers.

Take a step back and map out your staff and customer journeys — do your F.O.H teams need portable payments via tablet, or will a fixed till do? You want to strike the right balance here: giving your employees the tools they need, while only spending what you need to.

What data drives your business?

Chances are, you’ve already identified your best sellers and profit drivers. But, with the right EPOS software, you can learn so much more about your business. 

Cloud-based systems give real-time access to sales data (just in case you want to check in on how things are going when you’re not at work). Others can help with back-office tasks like customer management.

You’ll never need to guess what products to put in your shop window, cafe counter or chalk board again — your EPOS system will tell you, and help you supercharge sales as a result.

Where do you want to be in the future?

Today, you might really want to hit the ground running with an EPOS system that just works.

But what happens when you start to grow?

Scaling is tough for all businesses, large or small, so it’s smart to choose an EPOS solution that allows for growth. For example, you might want the option to add more users to the system or expand to new premises.

At HBM, we can help — serving as your go-to EPOS partner, advising on the best solutions for any and all retail and hospitality challenges, today and in the future.

Not sure which is the best EPOS system for your business? Talk to HBM

It might sound like choosing the best EPOS system for your business will be a tough choice to make. But it doesn’t have to be.

Call the friendly team at HBM today and draw on our 30 years of EPOS experience to help you make the right decision for your retail or hospitality business.