Handwritten bills, cash registers and 'managing the books' are, thankfully, becoming a thing of the past. Technology is making running our businesses easier than ever, and even the smallest high-street vendors can benefit from it. From a one man market stall to a busy high street chain, EPoS is the future - particularly as we inch ever closer to a cashless society. But if you've just opened a restaurant, bar or shop and are considering installing a new EPoS system or upgrading an existing one - where do you start? Not all EPoS systems offer the same levels of functionality, so it's important to ask - and answer - the right questions.

Here are some things we think you should consider.

1. What customer experience do you want to offer?

Don't make the mistake of thinking that because you're a smaller business, you need a less techy solution. Consumers are savvy, and if you don't have the ability to take contactless payments or serve them speedily, they may take their hard earned cash elsewhere. If you give your customers the ability to pay on their terms, in their own way, they'll thank you for it and are much more likely to return. From Android Pay to Apple Pay and everything in between, give your customers as much choice as you possibly can and make their experience so seamless they barely even have to think about paying you. That's what a good EPoS system can offer.

2. Do you need mobile functionality?

If you run a busy restaurant or a large retail store, the ability to let your staff take the EPoS system with them can be a game changer. Why expect your customers to come to you to pay you, when you can go to them? It's all about removing the friction and making it as easy as possible for customers to give you their money. Some EPoS systems are designed and installed with this functionality in mind, so it's worth enquiring about when you're shopping around.

3. Network and Connectivity

EPoS systems are capable of great things - from inventory management and discount control, to updating product descriptions and logging sales - but they need to be installed in the right way and correctly integrated with your tools. EPoS systems don't come in a 'one size fits all' form, and to make the most of them you'll need to find one that can be comfortably tailored to suit the needs of your business. Don't be afraid to ask probing questions about what's possible when reviewing potential candidates.

4. Who is going to help when you need it

This is one of the biggest issues we hear about. You purchase an EPoS system off-the-shelf and it gets installed, then several months down the line things are out of date and it's no longer performing the tasks you need it to. Any EPoS supplier worth their salt will partner with you and make sure the system is well maintained and looked after for as long as you use it, so it's just as effective years down the line as the day you installed it.

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