Pay-at-table is a technology that has been talked about for some years as representing the next chapter in the development of EPoS systems, but which has found particular relevance since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, it would be far from accurate to suggest that pay-at-table solutions have vaulted to prominence solely because of how well they suit the new era of necessary social distancing. 

Here is a fuller list of reasons why a pay-at-table product like HBM’s can represent a wise investment for your restaurant for not only months but years to come. 

1. Peace of mind for your customers 

It may be perhaps the most obvious reason to introduce pay-at-table tech to your establishment in the present climate, but it is nonetheless a powerful one; such a solution can go a long way to making prospective patrons feel comfortable dining on your premises. 

With Pay At Table, there will be no need for your customers to wander away from their table in search of a member of staff or a physical service point at which they can place their order. 

Instead, they can simply sit comfortably and order – as well as pay for – food and drink via their smartphones. This allows for appropriate social distancing to be implemented at every stage of the customer’s contact with your establishment. 

2. Greater efficiency, with benefits for all 

Inefficient operations in restaurants are a cause of frustration for everyone. Few diners relish having to sit waiting to be served for longer than they would consider reasonable, with delays likely to be especially long during periods of peak demand like lunch hours and weekends. 

At the same time, it would make your servers’ lives so much easier if they didn’t have to dash repeatedly between customers and the point-of-sale system, especially at this time when there is rightfully so much emphasis on the need to minimise the scope for close contact. 

The intuitiveness and slickness that a pay-at-table solution can bring, then, could be instrumental in giving everyone a better experience. This, in turn, will almost certainly translate into happier customers who are likelier to recommend your establishment to their family and friends. 

3. Increased scope to minimise costs and boost profits 

The aforementioned heightened efficiency that pay-at-table technology can deliver, with customers receiving their orders more quickly and servers able to more swiftly turn their attentions to other tables, can also help to keep costs low and profits up. 

Whether or not space constraints force your establishment to accept fewer diners at any one time than would have been the case prior to the coronavirus crisis, you are likely to appreciate every opportunity pay-at-table gives you to save money, right down to not needing to pay the costs associated with paper receipts. 

Choose HBM’s own Pay At Table platform, and you will also benefit from zero commission and a lack of third-party ‘extras’ to add inconvenience and hassle; instead, everything you will require is contained within the solution, straight out of the box. 

Indeed, every aspect of our own solution has been optimised to extract maximum operational and cost efficiency for your restaurant. This gives you all the more reason to enquire about its benefits, beyond its obvious pertinence to the demands posed by the ongoing pandemic. 

Request your free demo for our Pay At Table system today, and you will soon be able to gain a sense of the very real possibilities it can bring for your restaurant, irrespective of the course the COVID-19 situation ultimately takes.